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Welcome!. Please enjoy the many entertaining and educational activities you will find on our web site. And while you're here, be sure to take few seconds to click on the link and and sign up for our Free Email Newsletter.
At our clinic, you will find a group of committed professionals with the goal of helping you return to a natural state of good health.
If accepted for care, you will quickly become a welcomed member of our family of satisfied patients. Naturally, as with most chiropractors, we treat patients with a wide variety of conditions including, neck and back pain. But here at the New Hope Wellness & Chiropractic Center we go one step further by also specializing in a unique, wholistic treatment of difficult cases and symptoms often not accepted, or at best treated with unsatisfactory or mixed results, by both chiropractors and medical professionals alike.
Using a specialized and unique combination of traditional Chiropractic techniques, nutrition, exercises and the latest in innovative and technologically advanced care, patients with diagnosed conditions such as migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, sciatica, disc bulges/herniations, carpal tunnel syndrome, dizziness and chronic fatigue and pain syndromes, to name just a few, are often finally able to experience a sense of renewed  hope, understanding, relief and even cures, where literally none existed before.  
We at the New Hope  Chiropractic & Wellness Center are ready to become your stepping stone to better health. Click on the Contact Us page and call for an appointment today. Let this be your first step on the path to better health.

Get to Know Your Spine

These tips can help you steer clear of pain & keep you feeling your best.
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